10 Foods That Kids Around The World Eat For Breakfast


Tiago Bueno Young, 3 years old, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The usual cornflakes with milk features in this South American diet, but the banana cake must do wonders for getting the kids up in the morning. This Brazilian breakfast is also served with a brioche-like bread called Bisnaguinha.



Saki Suzuki, 2 34 years old, Tokyo

Look at those teeny chopsticks! This traditional Japanese breakfast looks like something which would be served in a 5 star hotel! Included in the meal is grilled salmon and omelette, in addition to a delicious miso soup, picked vegetables and boiled rice.



Doga Gunce Gursoy, 8 years old, Istanbul

Wow! Its hard to believe an 8 years old could eat all that! Only joking. But this Turkish breakfast has to be our fave. With fried eggs and sausage, different cheeses and vegetables, middle eastern pastries and bread, whats not to like! This is like breakfast, lunch and dinner all rolled into one meal. We dread to think how big Doga is.



Nathanael Witschi Picard, 6 years old, Paris

With freshly squeezed juice and kiwi, a small bowl of cereal and some fresh baked bread, this breakfast is typically French. It is light but nutritious and looks like the perfect start to the day.



Phillip Kamtengo, 4 years old, and Shelleen Kamtengo, 4 years old, Chitedze, Malawi

This African breakfast includes a healthy black tea, with a traditional cake called a chikondamaya.



Koki Hayashi, 4 years old, Tokyo

The Japanese sure do know how to make food look beautiful! And this is just for a 4 year old! This breakfast comprises of dried fish and stir fried peppers, in addition to sweet rice (known as mirin) and fresh fruit. A freshly brewed miso soup finishes off the meal nicely. We dread to think how long it took to make though!



Viv Bourdrez, 5 years old, Amsterdam

A childs dream! This Dutch breakfast includes one slice of white toast with lavish shavings of milk chocolate. A glass of whole fat milk adds the final touch. Delicious or sugar overload?



Birta Gudrun Brynjarsdottir, 3 12 years old, Reykjavik, Iceland

Now that breakfast looks super healthy. That is not just any porridge but a natural oatmeal containing cod liver oil! The dish is served with currants and a glass of milk for added calcium.



Emily Kathumba, 7 years old, Chitedze, Malawi

See those potatoes in the top left hand corner? Well theyre not potatoes, but delicious deep fried fritters with all the good stuff! Garlic, Onion, Chilli…delish! Also included in the meal is cornmeal porridge and a rich scarlet juice created from hibiscus flowers…



Aricia Domenica Ferreira, 4 years old, and Hakim Jorge Ferreira Gomes, 2 years old, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Not our favourite looking breakfast! Ham, Cheese and some bread make this Brazilian breakfast look more like a lunch…although pass us the hot chocolate any day!