10 Things We Learned About The New Star Wars Movie

Unite!! J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy started off the yearly Star Wars Celebration convention In a HUGE way! The new preview for Episode 7 was unveiled giving all our first new glance of Han Solo to us that crowds have seen in 0 ver 30 years.

Additionally, the first cast of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels,, and Peter Mayhew were new cast members as well as all there:Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley,, and John Boyega. Han Solo could’t make it due to crashing his plane a month past.

What exactly did we learn?

Tatooine was’t in the first teaser.

Say what! The first teaser that came out this past December featured a sandy planet that we presumed was the show home-planet of Tatooine. It ends up, it was’t: it’s a planet is home to Daisy Ridley’s character, and called Jakku.

J.J. Abrams initially said no to making the picture

When he was initially approached by producer Kathleen Kennedy Abrams was set to pass on the new trilogy. Abrams said the show didnt fit into the bigger strategy his family had in place but once he began thinking about what a new Star Wars picture would appear to be, he altered his mind quite quickly.

BB8 is not unreal! The droid that is new really functions!

The odd, whirring, soccer ball-meets- unit that is R2 droid we saw in the teaser? It ends up that matter is really actual. The picture’s team and Abrams brought an actual working version of the droid out . We do’t understand they’re pulling it away just, but it’s full of style — and is going to be an incredibly interesting character in the movie.

New behind the Scenes Pictures

Abrams showed off several behind the scenes photographs in the making of the movie, including a Stormtrooper being directed by him and a second with an incredibly familiar -looking creature that is furry.


New R2-unit domes for The Power Awakens!

The designers from Episode 7 described they created multiple, distinct domes for R2 units that were new. They’ll be seen in activity with X Wing pilots in the pictures. They’re known as units that are R0 — and among the crew’s personal favorite is R0 LO.


Who’s Poe Dameron?Is he the next Han Solo?

His character was said by Oscar Isaac, Dameron is “the greatest aviator in the galaxy” who’s sent on a mission by a princess.” Sorta sounds recognizable does’t it? This makes him the new Han Solo? Based on Isaac, Dameron ends up teaming with Finn. Next, “their destinies are eternally intertwined.”

Who’s the new Character Rey?

Rey is. Which is, until she crosses paths with another character — and everything shifts.


Who’s Finn?

John Boyega granted that his character was really a Stormtrooper. The type of Stormtrooper, is still up in the air. Is he a bad guy” or a “good guy? We are going to understand in December.

John Boyega is superstitious

The performer was superstitious of being part of the saga at the prospect which he was unwilling to tell his parents he was cast until the official cast picture was eventually posted online.

There are more female characters in route.

There had been lots of criticism about the first Star Wars casting statements because Daisy Ridley was the only girl. Seem familiar? Sorta like Leia in the first trilogy too. Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy went from her way to point out that many more female characters would arrive in future movies. She needs to give little girls about time!