13 Things Learned from the Tony Awards

To the 67th Annual Tony Awards primetime CBS was house on Sunday to observe the previous season in theatre. Awards were granted to the deserving theatre performers, some who we’ve screen and never heard of. Although this night is considered to be filled with voices and obnoxiously amusing performances that may leave Blake Shelton gasping in his reddish spin-seat, there’s room to pass judgments for Sunday nighttime’s airing.

1. Nearly every kid performer in New York probably has a job this present theatre season (Matilda: The Musical; Annie: The Musical; A Christmas Story: The Musical).

2. Thus, every adult working on Broadway is put together singing “Little Girls” from Anne: The Musical.

3. Jane Lynch is an extremely tall Ms. Hannigan.


4. But part of you needs to see that musical.


5. Your life should be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris and it should likely have an amount that is musical.


6. There’ll be some trouble with the mic.

7. But, it’s fine because The Tony Awards might be the most down to earth award show in the whole season.


8. Air ca be ’ted by the show without a minumum of one man dressing in drag.


9. Seemingly, pictures turning into musicals is still a matter: Annie: The Musical, Matilda: The Musical, A Christmas Story: The Musical, and Bring It On: The Musical.

10. Bernadette Peters will be there.

11. The Phantom of the Opera is still going because “Love Never Dies” (the show is celebrating 25 years on Broadway).


12. A show called Kinky Boots can win an award.


13. Ultimately, you can find seemingly Neil Patrick Harris hosting fans – out there than last year or more theatre fans –. The program went from 6.01 million audience in 2012 to 7.24 million in 2013.

Photo Credit: Broadway.com; tonyawards.com; tvguide.com. No copyright infringement intended.