15 Times Blonde Jokes Were Proved To Have More Than A Sliver Of Truth, LOL

Firstly, let”s get something right. Individuals can poke fun at anyone and anything. But, a society basic of the feeble jokes are blonde(e) jokes. Now, folks don”t need to be blond to be ditzy, but these folks only…

Oh, boy.

1. Do we have to go on the shotgunning rules again?

Do we need to go over the shotgunning rules again?

2. At least we”ll understand whether she”s lip syncing.

At least we

3. “What”s the amount for 911?”


4. “Am I only hungover or will these stairway never end?”

5. It”s how the cool kids do it these days.


6. I wonder when they share a brain also.

I wonder if they share a brain too.

7. Grammar neglect.

Grammar fail.

8. My peeves don”t like it either.

My peeves don

9. Simply wait till she figures out it.

Just wait till she figures it out.

10. Oh baby. You go on appearing cute.

Oh honey. You go on looking cute.

11. Imagine if they said to seek out bugs.

What if they said to search for bugs.

12. Photoshop 101. Or can I say 36D?

Photoshop 101. Or should I say 36D?

13. Did you see the amounts?

Did you even notice the numbers?

14. The picture is definitely right?

The movie is always better right?

15. No no no no no no no. You”re making it overly simple.

No no no no no no no. You

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So a blond girl walks into a pub…