16 Times That Guy Logic Was Both Hysterical And Genius…LOL

Do girls ever wonder when they do something, exactly what the heck their significant other believes? As in, “how on earth could he believe it is wise?” I bet they wonder on a regular basis. Yet, little did they understand that there”s a rhyme as well as a motive to these subtle actions of Dude Logic. At least that”s that which we believe…right?

That”s why we”re giving everyone a peek into guys”s sense using the 16 greatest cases. From what our ideas on meat are to our fascination with powerboats, it”s about time you finally realized why guys are from Mars…and girls don”t wish to go to.

1. We”re just waiting for KFC to devise the chicken-bun hotdog.


2. 0 minutes on shampoo. 30 minutes on choosing the craft beer.

0 minutes on shampoo. 30 minutes on selecting a craft beer.

3. Lesson learned: never do anything midway.

Lesson learned: never do anything halfway.

4. I consider this a test of my manhood.

I consider this a test of my manhood.

5. I stick to the fundamental Crayon carton, and that”s just good with me.

I stick to the basic Crayon box, and that

6. Girls, would you (truly) quite it another way?

Girls, would you (really) rather it another way?

7. TV speakers…what”s that?

TV speakers...what

8. Either the reply is yes, or this didn”t happen.

Either the answer is yes, or this didn

9. Either way, I”ll speak to you personally.

Either way, I

10. Powerboat RPM = evaluation that is manliness.

Powerboat RPM = manliness rating.

11. Grow up…unless you”re referring to the time I shouted after the Patriots Superbowl.

Grow up...unless you

12. It”s a difficult world, but someone”s got to reside inside.


13. But she gave me the thumbs up…

But she gave me the thumbs up...

14. Because booze solves every difficulty.

Because alcohol solves every problem.

15. (Maniacal laugh)

(Maniacal laugh)

16. Side note, they weren”t always empty…

Side note, they weren

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You now had a peek to the issue every man knows by heart: Dude Logic 101. Simply ensure that you make use of your powers once and for all!