17 Dogs Who Are SO Excited About Seeing Water For The First Time

For the life of me, I can’t remember the first time I saw the ocean.

Growing up on the coast of Maine, I imagine it happened at a very young age. But I do, however, have a very clear picture of my old golden retriever’s first trip to a nearby lake. The second she saw the dock, it was like she was truly home. She immediately took off down the wooden planks and did a giant belly flop into the water.

While my dog now won’t get near a puddle, let alone a lake, this excited experience seems to be pretty common for our canine companions…

1. …Wait for it.

2. “Best. Day. Ever!”

3. This hip guy really knows how to chill.

4. “…It’s just…so…beautiful!”

5. “Let’s never leave.”

6. Belly flop game is strong.

7. Look at that form!

8. “Surf’s up, dude.”

9. Safety first!


11. “The sticks are even better here!”


13. She may only have three legs, but she’s got ALL the excitement.

14. He prefers his oysters straight from the source.

15. “I like the water, but I don’t like being chased by it. Rude.”

16. “Go right! I saw something move!”

17. “Come on down…the water’s great!”

I just hope one day I’ll be half as excited or happy about anything as these dogs are about the water!