19 Ridiculous Jokes That Will Definitely Put A Smile On Your Face

In the event you are having a poor day, here’s a list that’ll draw you right out of this funk (particularly when you are at work and there is no end in sight).

These jokes might be dumb, but a little stupidity may also be just everything you want.

1. A girl found her husband standing sucking in his gut. “Ha­­! That’s not likely to help,” she said.

“Sure, it’ll,” he said. “It’s the only method I could start to see the amounts.” (via Reddit / rustamsatti)

2. I’ve been seeking for months for my girlfriend’s killer…

… but no one will get it done. (via Reddit / viewerdoer)

3. Why did the turkey cross the road?

To show he was not chicken. (via Reddit / jaykirsch)

4. Why do flowerbeds have mulch?

That means their underplants can’t be seen by you. (via Reddit / BJHannigan)

5. What does one get when you play a country song backwards?

Your wife back, your dog back, as well as your house back. (via Reddit / Sproose_Moose)

6. I’m really good buddies with 25 letters of the alphabet…

… but I do not understand why. (via Reddit / ChrisJTW97)

7. How many children with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?

Wanna go ride bikes? (via Reddit / Mick0331)

8. What do an obstetrician as well as a well-composed joke have in common?

They both deliver. (via Reddit / _The_Tourist_)

9. How does one win an argument by means of your zombie girlfriend?

Give a bit of your mind to her. (via Reddit / DemiseofReality)

10. I named my hard drive “Dat Butt”…

… So that every month approximately, my computer asks me if I wanna back upwards Dat Butt. (via Reddit / leviathannTV)

11. The most powerful form of cannabis has only been released to the general public.

Reports state that consumption has reached an all time high. (via Reddit / procrastination55)

12. “Push harder!” I yelled at my wife while she was in labor. “Screw you!” she yelled back.

It was not my fault the car broke down on the way. (via Reddit / cualcrees)

13. Did you hear regarding the corduroy pillow?

It is seemingly making headlines. (via Reddit / Palpable_Charisma)

14. I purchased a time machine…

… and got a watch. (via Reddit / Readitigetit)

15. Why did not the Mexican guy go bow hunting?

Because he did not habanero. (via Reddit / Critical386)

16. When Vanna White expires…

… Would you believe her family will receive lots of letters that are touching? (via Reddit / modern_messiah43)

17. I was looking in a baseball and attempting to determine why it was becoming bigger…

… and then it hit me. (via Reddit / MagnusPI)

18. I for one…

… Adore Roman numerals. (via Reddit / ElderCunningham)

19. How does one know if something is too loud?

It hertz. (via Reddit / arewehooman)

Don’t you feel better now? Those are classics in the making.