19 Times The Internet Made Us Laugh So Hard At Animals

If you ask us, the Internet was invented so that individuals on social media could make humorous remarks, whether on an interview on the news, a stupid picture on Facebook, or someone’s idiotic YouTube rant. But like with other things, some folks are definitely more gifted at it

Do not believe us? Simply take a look at these 19 times they got ahold of animal pictures that are funny. Their remarks had us catching our bellies in laughter required what was moderately amusing and immediately!

1. We understand you are.

2. “What’s this invisible force field doing here?!”

3. “Did you guys see the squirrel, also?”

4. Well…perhaps.

5. The occupation of a father is quite worldwide.

6. “What…have…you…done?!”

7. The tables have turned.

8. For shame!

9. This is understood by every eldest child.

10. He’s undoubtedly good enough for me!

11. Philosophy 101

12. To infinity and beyond!

13. He is a hero among canines.

14. Disney benchmarks galore!

15. At least they will fit down any chimney…?

16. No caption desired here.

17. What else did you expect?

18. Bust a move!

19. He avoided!

(via Distractify, BuzzFeed)

Which was your favorite? There is something about that otter joke, heading for “otter” space, that we only can not appear to quit laughing about!