20 of Hollywood’s Most Hated Celebrities

Kris Jenner

The Kardashian matriarch has had a hell of a 2014. She sucked so bad as a wife, her husband Bruce Jenner would rather be an ugly woman. The two filed for divorce in September. Now the aging excuse for a parent is banging the significantly younger Corey Gamble and partying with her teenage daughters in Vegas. The only reason this woman is relevant in anyway is because she is a terrible human. The example she set for her miserable kids has been that of a gold-digger…;looks like she taught them well.

Kim Kardashian


2014 might be remembered for the year Kim married Kanye West,or as some might say “the event that signaled the end of days.” She also tried to “break the internet” by exposing round, fat-ass on Paper Magazines cover in November. That decision smelled like a desperate ex-porn star who is fighting hard to stay relevant. Considering the shallow, whack-job of an example her mother Kris has been, we can see clearly that her apples haven’t fallen far from the whorehouse.

Woody Allen


The child lover, Woody Allen infamously split from Mia Farrow decades ago and married his young adopted daughter! If this were anywhere else in the world, Allen might have had his house burned to the ground and been burned at the stake. Instead he’s a millionaire and the kooks and crazies we call “actors”, love him because he makes boring movies. Seriously his movies suck. Its a shame that society sits by and watches this man and his clear pediphelia tendencies.

Anywho, just when you thought the mousy-looking creep couldn’t get any worse, Dylan Farrow, Allen and Farrow’s other daughter, wrote a New York Times column saying that Allen sexually abused her. She also shamed multiple celebrities that continue to still make movies with her father. Good for you Dylan! F-you Hollywood! While no charges were brought, the public revisited all the foggy details of Woody Allen’s personal life, bringing his questionable character back to the forefront of public discussion. He now has two young kids with Sun-yi. Beware kids.

Bill Cosby

Dude…;what a CREEP! 2014 came crashing down on the accused rapist as more than a dozen women brought their allegations of abuse back into the spotlight. Sexual assault accusations have plagued the family comedian for years. Although no official charges were brought against the “Cosby Show” frontman, his public image and career are forever tarnished. The one time Jello spokesperson is now an old decrepit man living with the memories of his past perversions against women. Lets hope for justice before he kicks the bucket.

John Travolta


This guy has sucked for so long it’s not even bad anymore, it’s impressive! The bat-shit crazy Scientologist made 2014 his bitch by butchering “Wicked” singer Idina Menzel’s name by introducing her at the Oscar nominations as,”the Wicked-ly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem.” Seriously! What a dick! If that wasnt enough, he became a touchy-feely nightmare onstage at the Oscars and fingered Menzel’s face and trying to smooch Scarlett Johansson. Barf! Beside his role in Pulp Fiction, his career is a damn joke.


Shia Lebeouf

The one time Disney star has definitely shed that image as he embarked on a year of crazy. He was arrested for fighting in New York when he interrupted a play drunk out of his mind, then appeared at a film festival with a bag over his head. Not enough? He appeared nude in a couple interpretive music videos and was in the soft core porn movie “Nymphomaniac” where the actor was filmed actually having sex with his co-star. Add all that with the general feeling of him being an asshole to everyone and you have a career thats slowly circling the drain.

Lindsey Lohan

The train wreck took a break in 2014…;thank god for that. I was tired of seeing this fleabag getting thrown in and out of jail. She tried to work, really she did. Her 8 part documentary series on the OWN network fell flat and was greeted with indifference. Also in 14′ She tried to sue the makers of Grand Theft Auto, made her stage debut in London in October, and has since found that she is no longer relevant in any way, shape or form. Look for her to be serving “fries with that” in a Venice In-N-Out sooner than later.

Kylie Jenner


The 16 year old, over exposed, under educated daughter of trainwreck, Kris Jenner has made the list. What a shame. Her non-stop posts on instagram have shown us she’s following in the footsteps of her horrible family. The latest outcry comes because of her excessive plastic surgery. Did i mention she’s a little child? What kind of mom allows that? Welcome to the list Kylie, im sure we will see you on here for years to come.

Bono and U2


So U2 and APple thought they would do all I-tunes users a “favor” and give us the new U2 album for free by installing it onto all of our devices? WRONG! The first time that piece of crap album dropped in on my random shuffle i was pissed. So were millions of non-fans and an internet uproar began. So much so that Apple had to create a site to help users delete the crappy album from their playlists.

Justin Bieber


Did you know that Canada, (AKA Americas Hat) is where Justin Bieber is from? That might explain why he is such an ass-hat. The douchey singer has been making headlines more for his bad life choices than for his terrible singing career. He caught his first DUI case in January and had a vandalism and reckless driving charge later in the year. Thats not easy people. Notice how it says “Charge” Money and fame gets you out of everything. The only thing that is good is his celebrity roast. I cant wait to hear the jokes about this barney.

Chris Brown

This woman beater has a permanent home on this list. He wronged bad girl Riri and for that, he shall never be forgiven. Heres his 12 month breakdown: He was sued in early 2014 for misdemeanor assault as a result of a homophobic altercation he had in late 2013. Then in March of last year, Brown got himself kicked out of rehab and sent to jail!If thats not enough, we find out the abusive a-hole says its all because he has a bipolar disorder and gets released early from jail. Come on man! This maniac gots to go!

Robin Thicke


The son of “B” level actor Alan Thicke, Robin had a one-hit-wonder with his piece of crap song “blurred lines”. Thicke was named in a lawsuit along with producer Pharrell Williams and was told to pay $7.4 million by a jury verdict that found they plagiarized Motown soul great Marvin Gaye. If that wasnt enough, Thicke went psycho on his estranged wife Paula Patton and she filed for divorce after twenty years with the singer. Yep, his 15 minutes of fame are over.

Kanye West


The derp-faced, crooked-jawed rapper belongs on the list for eternity. His barging the stage and crying like a little bitch has gotten quite stale. Add that with him procreating with his ex-pornstar wife Kim and you have a couple that represents the absolute worst in Hollywood, entertainment and humans in general. Money, image and power mean more to this clown that than respect, credibility and morality. Go to hell Kanye.

Donald Sterling


The old, out-dated, cheating, racist, bigot had a hell of a 2014. Sterling was banned from the NBA for life, fined $2.5 million by the league in April and then his estranged wife was forced to sell the team after private recordings of him making racist comments were made public by his gold-digging bitch of a mistress. It was so bad that his players threatened to boycott the rest of the season unless he was gone from the organization.

Jaden Smith


Will Smiths asshole son has made the list because of his ridiculously dumb instagram and Twitter posts. Quotes like “School is the tool to brainwash the Youth.” stand out as a favorite. I guess when you grow up being a pampered celebrity baby you don’t need and edumacation. Jaden Smith will be the cornerstone of the real idiocracy.

Gwyneth Paltrow

How could she ever make the hated list? Well shes bat-shit crazy for one. I mean she named her kid Apple and now she divorced her husband Chris Martin…;then went on vacation with him afterwards. WTF? She also steam cleans her va-jayjay, calls herself a “common woman”, started a website called GOOP(it sucks) and says shes just like all mothers who work hard and try to make time for their family. Seriously? Youre a rich actor who has nannies, chefs, yachts, planes and can afford whatever the hell she wants. You are not like the rest of us Gwyneth. Not even close.

Stephen Collins


Who? Yeah he was the actor that we have all seen for decades and never knew his name but he played a good guy on TV. Well guess what? The pastor-dad from the hit show “7th Heaven” admitted to molesting underage girls. Yeah, Mark him onto your “I hope you go to prison” list because he will never be looked at the same again.

Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts, the notoriously difficult to work with actress is so hated that co-star Meryl Streep chose to boycott the Toronto International Film Festival just to avoid her. If that wasn’t enough, in her half-sister Nancy Motes’ suicide note, she dedicated three of five pages dedicated to slamming Roberts.

Tom Cruise


Tom is always going to be on this list because he just really really sucks. From his outburst on the Oprah show many years ago (see below).

To his creepy Scientology ties and control over Katie Holmes and his daughter Siri.

And now HBO’s documentary sheds some light on his crazy religion and his role on the “church” – yep, Cruise is a charter member of team Crazy-pants. For more go see Tom Cruise is Nuts