25 Gifts For The Horror Movie Buff In Your Life

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means? It means getting gifts for your loved ones and making sure you really blow them away with your creativity and imagination.

If someone in your family or friend group is a big fan of horror movies, you should totally get them one of these gifts. They’re absolutely horrifying, but they’re the kind of things they will love.

1. This zombie brain soap is for any of your Walking Dead fan friends.

2. This severed hand candle will melt and freak your friends out.

3. Have a soft spot for The Evil Dead? Get this light switch cover.

4. Edgar Allan Poe would be honored for you to carry your change in his coin purse.

5. The Gashlycrumb Tinies is a great book to pass on to your little horror fans.

6. This lampshade is ALIIIVVVEEE!!!

7. These bookends will totally freak out anyone looking at your book collection.

8. Keep your coins safe with this Monsters change purse.

9. Here’s a horror movie apron for cooking those brains you crave.

10. Freddy Krueger has never looked so cute.

11. Have a friend of yours close her eyes and clip her hair back with these skeleton hands. Genius!

12. Get your dog in on the act!

13. You’ll need Edgar Allan Poe merch…NEVERMORE!

14. Ever wondered what zombie farts smelled like? Here’s the answer.

15. Burn them!!!

16. As if those twins couldn’t get creepy enough.

17. This pin says it all.

18. A creepy Coraline doll will always keep you company.

19. Who knew Jason was a cat person?

20. Nothing is creepier than a melting skull.

21. Get a bat skeleton for the real weirdo in your life.

22. This rolling pin is absolutely awesome.

23. Maybe…don’t buy this for your best friend’s little girl?

24. The original vampire!

25. At least he’s not popping out of your stomach!

(via BuzzFeed)

Any horror movie fan would absolutely die to get these gifts for the holidays!