6 Celebrities Who Flawlessly Master Fall Fashion

Some turn to the runway for inspiration even though others turn to stars in regards to trend. From giant knit jumpers to leather jackets that are edgy, the wardrobes of Hollywood faces that are well-known will definitely surprise.

Here’s a swift round up of stars that have mastered autumn trend.

1) Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried edged up a summer dress that was female with a slick leather jacket. An excellent way to transition your summer wardrobe into autumn, adding autumn-friendly vital (like a leather jacket) to a summer piece is just to do and lets you’ve the best of both worlds. Thanks Amanda, for the inspiration!

2) Alexa Chung


Metallic colours are enormous this autumn season, and despite what some may believe, it is sometimes a style that is wearable, as Alexa Chung effortlessly shows. Sporting a golden mini-dress and strappy peep-toed high heel, Chung seems like she’s prepared to bash.

3) Ashley Tisdale


Whoever said you couldn’t wear vibrant colours months was certainly mistaken! This autumn season is all around bold and vibrant tribal print on everything: blazers, miniskirts and everything in between.

Ashley Tisdale takes versatility to another degree as she poses for the paparazzi in this tribal-printed cocktail dress.

4) Emma Watson


Blending and matching prints that are different might be daunting job for some, but it comes. Pictured within a floral-printed skirt and a printed blouse that is neutral, the starlet toughened her appearance out by having an edgy leather jacket.

5) Katy Perry


Living in sweater dresses all month is bound to occur when the cold weather season strikes. Happily, Katy Perry reveals us how it’s done with this laidback appearance. Coupled with boots and some comfy leggings, the vocalist rocked this fashion craze that is informal with style.

6) Selena Gomez


Selena’s directing a female, more delicate appearance with this autumn-friendly lace top. Coupled with refined short pants and cutout heels, the vocalist’s ensemble is grown up though age-appropriate.

While the cold weather season may call for idle jumpers, these celebs show that one can be fashionable and cozy all at the exact same time