9 Celeb Faces Destroyed By Drugs

No one is surprised when they learn of another ill fated star falling off the wagon. Occasionally, however, a fast stint in rehabilitation is to break a star’s cycle of dependency and they fight in the harshness of the public eye with their issues. In Hollywood’s picture-obsessed culture, the severe real signs of drug use could cut short careers. These eight celebs are beginning to reveal the physical effects of dependence.

1) Macaulay Culkin

The people was shocked when photographs surfaced of the “Home Alone” performer appearing haggard and gaunt. The kid star’s difficulties with drugs were well known, but since he was seldom seen in public, supporters were shocked to find the depths of the performer’s dependence.

Culkin’s drug use probably led to the death of his longterm relationship with celebrity Mila Kunis–the pair divide in 2011. Hopefully the precious performer is recuperating safely. Hopefully the precious performer is recuperating safely.

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