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A Teenager Gave Their Fish A Viking Funeral To Send It Off Properly

A courageous fish soldier named last week, Peeping Tom went to meet his maker. When someone we love dies as they might have needed, we need to honor them with the maximum amount of pageantry as you possibly can. I am aware that when I believe “scene” my mind immediately goes to “dead fish.” I am not alone. Imgur user Chilly911 posted about his cherished company’s untimely death and the way they determined to the appropriate sendoff:

My precious fish I ‘d Tom. Peeping for 6 1/2 years, Aptly named because he lived in my own toilet. Livin’ his life seeing shower and folks poop. One day his bowl was moved despite special directions from the sun by my dad to maintain his bowl. And I came home from work the following day to discover my amazing aquatic company dead. Therefore, since he was such a creature that was valiant I determined he deserved a Viking funeral.

So not chill, Chilly911. Why can not parents just listen? That is how great guys are lost. And fish that is great. Look at this little guy:

Rest in Peace, Peeping Tom - Imgur

Those were better times. Peeping Tom’s owner had a little ship to atone for his sins is built by their father. It seems quite strong.


There was even a themed sail and lovely woman in the helm:

je0P8Z2 - Imgur

In honor of Peeping Tom’s love of residing in the shower and looking at individuals nude, the boat was christened the S.S. Boobies. I am certain that had nothing regarding Chilly911 really being a teenaged lad, at all. Eh, it is just marginally less absurd than Boaty McBoatface.

ncVbVQU - Imgur

Here is Peeping Tom going to his eternal rest on the large pond in the heavens (that is where rain comes from):

2HileeW - Imgur

Of course, Chilly911 as well as their family recovered Peeping Tom’s body following the fire went out, as it is not honor should you not manhandle the remains. In a opinion Chilly911 says, “… He was completely undamaged at the conclusion of it all only somewhat charring. We were really shocked he did not melt.” After all that, they are still planning to need to flush Peeping Tom down the bathroom. Tend not to go gently into that good night swim from the dying of the light. RIP. [h/t The Daily Dot]

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