Barbara Wa-Wa Over Daughter’s DUI

On the heels of Barbara Walter’s annouifwt_barb-jacqncement to retire, her forty four year-old daughter, Jacqueline Walters Danforth, was arrested on a DUI charge in Naples, Florida this past Saturday. Reported to be out of control she was taken for her own security to the earth.

According to police records, the Honda Pilot was discovered pulled over on the side of the road at 1:24am on 19th, with Walters in, reported to be her boyfriend, in the passenger seat. man the driver’s seat and a The couple seemed to be incredibly intoxicated as they were rolled up on by the cops. Jackie became irate when the authorities caught on of the policemen while yelling, and started to handcuff her boyfriend. The detaining officer reported that he was scared she’d encounter traffic on the highway, so he took her to the earth as a result of her unpredictable behaviour, then fixed her

Walters was more than twice over the legal alcohol limit, with a .218 on the breathalyzer test and was subsequently arrested on DUI charges, posting bond for $1000 several hours after.