Battle of the Pregnancy Bulge: Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson

Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Weight Gain stack 1At the looks, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson are only popping like two book ends. Kim continues to be seen more freely than Jessica, who turned up to eat. Wearing a tight black maxi-dress, she could have been mistaken for Kardashian, if it weren’t for her blonde locks. The vocalist continues to be fashionable, although with a little more than two months she’s due August 3rd, she seems about to pop. With a leather jacket over her dress outfit, she was outside with sister together with infant Maxwell Ashlee and her four-year old son, Bronx, and friends.

After placing her Beverly Hills home in the marketplace for $7.9 million dollars, she selected for the Osbourne household at $11.5 million. With baby number two arriving so shortly after her first, Jessica will have her hands full, but it seems like she’s lots of friends and family available to help her out. All were seen leaving Boccali’s holding take out cartons of food, while her arms were hung over by Jessica’s orange Hermes Birkin bag. Caressing her tummy, the starlet seemed happy.

Kim has the booty, although Kim is expected to deliver a month before than Jessica their baby bumps appear substantially the exact same size. Jessica on the other hand could topple over.