Beckham Bends It One Last Time

130518193140-david-beckham-celebration-single-image-cutWell it’s occurred: David Beckham has retired. For the few of you who don’t understand who he’s, Beckham is that shirtless guy who keeps appearing in his panties. He could be also a well-known soccer player who’s calling it quits after finishing his last match on Saturday, May 20th. Based on, a teary eyed Beckham deflected it one last time on the field and stopped his career as a professional sportsman before supporters in Paris. As his family of four continues to flourish, he and wife Victoria Beckham, (Posh Spice for those actually living under a stone and concurrently stuck in the 90’s), are now only that elaborate couple from Britain instead of the people that are constantly seen at football matches.

o-DAVID-BECKHAM-HM-900Along with his football profession that is lately belittled, Beckham is now the face of his H&M panties line, which he continues to be shirtless-ly marketing around the world on shop posters, most recently in an extremely noticeable mustache.

But what does this mean for the remainder of us that have never seen him play? Well it means that you should enlarge some horizons and see three seconds of a football match only to say you’ve got and it’s just as dull as you anticipate (Except for you out there who, like me, really played and so love it). In addition, it means that there’s now a whole new “ field for shortly to be football stars to turn into shirtless, tattooed panties models for the local interior-a-mall, trend-forward shop.

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