Bernie Sanders Slams Republicans For Their Continued Denial Of Climate Change And It Is Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders (DVT), has taken off the gloves in regards to climate change as well as the continuous, systemic refusal to admit its existence by virtually the whole GOP. Not only that, but saying the true reason this refusal continues to be occurring, even in the face of signs that is specific and settled science.

Though they deserve it, Bernie isnt calling them ignorant. He isnt debunking their junk science that is readily debunked in the periphery refusing climate change, at each degree, and it is often done over and over again, plus it appears to be totally useless. Once again its been done, he’s nt digging out charts and graphs, pictures, or actual science to convince them.

What Bernie Sanders is doing is calling a spade a spade, or in a cash problem, this instance what it really is their GOP lackeys as well as special interests. More particularly, the cash the Koch brothers as well as the Fossil Fuel business pours freely into American politics to maintain Climate Change disputatious, as in unproven, since in the event the right wing proceeds to deny its existence, so will their lemming-like, low-info followers.

The day any Republican nominee tells you the truth about climate change and gets up here is the day they lose their campaign funds from the fossil fuel business as well as the Koch Brothers.

View this brief video by NowThis from Twitter:

Featured picture via screen capture

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