Beyonce and Jay-Z soon to be parents of two!

BeyonceSecondChildIt’s already been verified by several sources although the couple has’t made an official statement yet, Beyonce Knowles is pregnant again with her second kid alongside her husband, Jay-Z.

Guess was flying extremely since the New York Met Gala was attended by her with a conspicuous custom made patterned Givenchy dress which camouflaged her shape, perhaps to draw focus from a baby bump that was noticeable, contemplating she’s someplace along her first trimester. The kid wo’t be far away in age from her older sibling, 15-months old Blue Ivy Carter.

Besides her appearance at the gala, she also canceled a performance in Antwerp, Belgium, citing fatigue as her reason, that could mean trouble for the remaining 40 –yes, 40- appearances made in her “Mrs. Carter World Tour”; that definitely does’t seem like the restful regime advocated for a soon-to-be mom of two, particularly considering how physical her looks tend to be.

Some traces also dropped on ABC’s Great Moring America, where she mentioned she’d hopes of a larger family as time goes on, all that remains is an official statement in the couple.

UPGRADE: Beyonce took to put a finish to the rumors herself, she isn’t pregnant right now, people!