Celebs De-Stress in Distressed Jeans

Ever notice how what you decide to wear can have an effect on how you are feeling?

If you put on a blazer, you might feel in control and powerful like our chick Nina Dobrev. If you pull out a dress, you’re suddenly girly and pretty, like Shailene Woodley. And if you happen to slap on some neon colored fur you’ll probably feel like twerking it out like Miss Miley Cyrus.

But what’s the one thing you should throw on when you’re aiming to lay low and relax?

For celebrities everywhere this is a two word answer: DISTRESSED. JEANS.

They’re casual, spunky, a little messy and are so simple that you can pair them with almost anything. Not to mention they’re pants so they allow you to do whatever you please in them.

Hollywood’s biggest fashionistas like Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne, and Sarah Jessica Parker have all seemed to agree that distressed jeans are definitely where it’s at when it comes to not stressing about what to wear.

And they all make them look so comfortable and effortless that we can’t wait to get a pair on ourselves.

1) Sarah Jessica Parker

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