Chris Brown Hit and Run


Chris Brown is reported to have rear-ended another vehicle but refused to show his driver’s license, showing only his incorrect insurance information. The twenty-four year old caused moderate damage to the Mercedes with his Range Rover this past Tuesday while in Toluca Lake. While he did not flee the scene, his refusal to supply the correct information before eventually leaving, is still considered by law enforcement to be a hit and run offense.

Still on probation for the beating of Rihanna in 2009, this incident could mean four years of prison time. It seems the singer is no stranger to fleeing, bouncing to Karrueche Tran then back to Rihanna then back to Karrueche and now to add insult to injury, Brown has been spotted with Topshop hieress, and friend to Rihanna, Chloe Green. The battle of the butt ensued as Karrueche tweeted a pic of her well toned backside shoved into Brown’s face. Not to be outdone, Rihanna tweeted a pic of her round derriere in denim shorts that were so short here entire butt cheeks were showing. Will Green join in the fun?

The LAPD is investigating the hit and run allegations and Brown’s probation is in severe jeopardy. He better enjoy all the supple booty he can get his hands on because it may be slim pickins for a while.