Cop Shoots Womans Dog, Department Apologizes by Filing Charges Against Her


A girl in Clayton County, Georgia is facing charges after a police officer shot and killed her five-month old pup, who witnesses say wasn’t a danger to him. The policeman, who killed the dog in the existence of the kids that are womans, has a history of misconduct that is competitive and was suspended for his conduct before.

Claudette Terry told WSBTV Atlanta that she was in the procedure for moving right into a brand new house in May when two police officers stopped to check on a guy sitting in her drive.

My son opened the door [and] the dog ran out and kind of stood by me where the other policemen were. He didnt bark, growl or anything.

She told the officers the guy was afriend who was helping her move, but as she discussed the problem together, Policeman Water Dennard approached them to join up with her dog is killed by the conversationand.

He only shot the dog and stood there with no compunction, no regrets before her and her children, said Aijohli King, a neighbor who witnessed the shooting from her house on the other side of the road.

Dennard promised in his incident report the dog, named 8Ball, lunged at him, but another witness accounts contradicts his variation of occasions.

He simply took a step back and he only shot in the dog, Brandon Smarr said. And then he began laughing later.

Dennard added literal insult to injury by firing another bullet to the creature that was injured. The dog was shaking on the floor, Terry said. And he walked up to the dog and shot it a second time. He walked closer and shot a second time to it.

The family is devastated by the loss of the dog, who had been described as friendly, according to pals, and well-loved, particularly by Terrys daughter.

Authorities killings of dogs, or puppycide, is typically covered in the news. The narratives generally follow a story similar to Terrys, where a dog is shot by an officer, maintains it lunged at him, and is absolved of wrongdoing. The policemen reports are frequently contradicted by witnesses, however just in egregious casessuch as the Texas policeman who made kiss sounds in a pit bull that is favorable to entice around it and later shoot itare policemen penalized for his or her sadistic inclinations.

Terry is currently facing charges for failing to get her dog or show rabies paperwork though the Clayton County event occurred in May.

The Clayton County police representative for the Office of Professional Standards cannot comment on the case as of this time and said it was conducting an internal investigation. Dennards record reveals multiple use of force charges, including a suspension for tasing a person in the neck.