Danica Patrick’s Boyfriend Sends Her Crashing During Race


Precious racecar driver and NASCAR smasher Danica Patrick had a little bumpy ride during the Coca-Coca 600 race yesterday (part of the NASCAR Spring Cup series), courtesy or her current beau Ricky Stenhouse Jr. who bumped into her No. 10 GoDaddy Chevrolet during lap 319 of the race and sent her crashing right into Brad Keselowski’s vehicle, talk about a love tap. Both automobiles had to be taken away for repairs, although the drivers themselves were not harmed and endured quite lots of damage.

Keselowski was pure gentleman afterwards and took blame for the crash saying “I was three-wide with Danica and did’t understand I and it cut her away and busted up her and myself he said. I feel terrible and I send her my apologies. It’s only an extended night for the Miller Lite Ford. We’ll on move. That’s all it is possible to do.”, while Patrick had this to say about the race ““We fought our way back to attempting to be able to be on the lead lap. I had an injury, which can be unfortunate because we were moving up and felt like we were making real progress and beginning to get the car to a location which was truly great. But there’s nothing we can do about it. We only want some chance.”.

After Danica went to take the 29th spot in the race, had the injury not happened she’d’ve probably finished in a powerful top-20 standing. Poor Danica, we’re prepared to wager it’s not interesting to have your new, younger boyfriend send you into an automobile crash right after you’ve finalized your divorce, maybe he’ll get several nights on the sofa!