Fuzzy Bundles of Joy Find a New Home

A litter of stray kittens that were pitiful were discovered, only days old and in need of assistance. Kittens that young can”t survive independently, so they were taken right into a loving home. They bathed were fed, raised and cared for. Two of the kittens were adopted into loving homes as well as the rest of the two kittens, Braille and Nugget, got to remain with their first rescuer.

A saved litter of stray kittens was brought

A rescued litter of stray kittens was brought home.

Their very first day was exciting.

Their first day was exciting.

Virtually overly exciting for all these newborns.

Almost too exciting for these newborns.

First bottle feeding.

First bottle feeding.

Farley the fuzzed kittens are watched on by the Husky.

Farley the Husky watches over the fuzzy kittens.

Rest time with mother.

Nap time with mommy.

Kittens learn how to play hide and seek in a youthful age.

Kittens learn to play hide and seek at a young age.

Constantly keeping watch.

Always keeping watch.

Nugget the kitten scrutinizing the camera.

Nugget the kitten inspecting the camera.

Braille didn”t understand the water bowl”s function.

Braille didn

First bathroom with Nugget.

First bath with Nugget.

Old kitten and kitten that is new adhesiveness.

Old kitty and new kitty bonding.

Old doggie and kitten that is new adhesiveness.

Old doggie and new kitty bonding.

No one would have the ability to resist saving these faces. Source