Have No Fear: The Wiz And Kanye Twitter Beef Has Been Squashed

Last week there was an epic twitter struggle between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West that started out harmless enough when Wiz made an indirect remark mentioning WAVES, which happens to be the name of West’s new gospel record. But Kanye took it to heart though he was never mentioned by Wiz particularly, like Kanye can and he came back with a vengeance.

wiz 1

Subsequently he promptly followed that tweet upward by saying something about having his wife and calling out Wiz ’s initials in Khalifa’s preceding tweets.

wiz 2

But much later after innumerable silly tweets by Kanye, Wiz eventually reacted with what might be my favourite tweet in this entire shit show:

wiz 32

Kanye had such lousy taste the way he managed this whole thing, he did’t hesitate to go below the belt with his opinions bringing up Khalifa’s children and family

wiz 12

wiz 19

wiz 20

But then West by bringing Amber Rose into it, who’s the mom of Khalifa’s kid may have made his biggest blunder.

wiz 11

kanye gif1

Did set and ’t hesitate to go West in his location.

wiz 39

So some time has gone by since the twitter conflict and Kim Karsahian and Amber Rose posted a selfie of them jointly last night on twitter. Which indicates that on the female side of things, the steak may be smashed.


Subsequently now Kanye followed up saying that Wiz and he had talked and all was not bad.

This man learns his lesson.


kanye gif2