He Accidentally Left A Window Open And When He Came Back, He Discovered THIS

Summer is nearly here, and with it comes the sequence of long-awaited summer house holidays. Obviously, not all of us are fortunate to understand someone who does, as well as to really have a summer house, but we are able to dream, right?

Well, all of the pleasure can evaporate rapidly in the event the house isn”t correctly locked up by the end of the season. Which is, funnily enough, just what occurred to Redditor resalles” summer house. Someone forgot to shut the bathroom window

This is the result…

Pigeons determined to take complete benefit of the window that was open !

Pigeons decided to take full advantage of the open window to nest.

Just in case you”re not conscious, pigeons could be dirty creatures.

In case you

A few of the pigeons that were infringing determined that the summer house that was empty will be an excellent spot to boost a family.

Some of the invading pigeons decided that a vacant summer house would be a good place to raise a family.

At least they attempted to make use of the toilet…

At least they tried to use the toilet...

(source: Reddit)

I feel extremely awful for whoever ended up being forced to clean that bathroom, and something tells me that it wasn”t easy. Let this be a lesson in constantly double and triple checking the windows in your property if you”re not planning to be around for a while…because pigeons clearly make horrible roommates.