Here Are 31 Reasons Why Lame Dads Rule The World.

Fathers are excellent, but fathers that are game are not even worse. At least as far as the world of web comedy is worried. There 31 fathers have the entire parenting thing nailed down: that perfect equilibrium of heroism, amazing-ness, and humiliation shattering for his or her kids.

1.) “Do you feel a draft?” – Father.


2.) Father fashion, awesome save.

2.) Amazing save, dad style.

3.) The true significance of throwback Thursday.

3.) The true meaning of throwback Thursday.

4.) Some fathers never grow out of it.

4.) Some dads never grow out of it.

5.) So easy, those moves.

5.) Those moves, so smooth.

6.) This feels staged…

6.) This feels staged...

7.) Distributing fatherly vacation cheerfulness.

7.) Spreading fatherly holiday cheer.

8.) There”s got to be a hilarious storyline behind this image.

8.) There

9.) It”s the lone way to cease the tech support calls.

9.) It

10.) He could be onto something here.

10.) He could be onto something here.

11.) Is it possible to imagine what his name is?

11.) Can you guess what his name is?

12.) That one will take the yearbook baby photo section. It is guaranteed by me.

12.) That one will be in the yearbook baby photo section. I guarantee it.

13.) Getting them started. “Hadouken!”

13.) Getting them started early.

14.) Fathers are folks that are active. Who has time to purchase new cards?

14.) Dads are busy people. Who has time to buy new cards?

15.) Thanks for letting me understand… I think.

15.) Thanks for letting me know...I guess.

16.) Prepared to do battle with the bug military.

16.) Ready to do battle with the bug army.

17.) “My beer was right here when I fell asleep. Where did it go?”


18.) We’re not amused.

18.) We are not amused.

19.) Exercise that is getting jointly is not unimportant.

19.) Getting exercise together is important.

20.) Not every father is really useful.

20.) Not every dad is very handy.

21.) Everyone”s favourite fictional father, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

21.) Everyone

22.) Umm, definitely not the greatest life guidance.

22.) Umm, certainly not the best life advice.

23.) Okay that is really amazing.

23.) Ok this is actually awesome.

24.) In his own universe.

24.) In his own world.

25.) Reflexes like lightning.

25.) Reflexes like lightning.

26.) Sleeping fathers are easy targets for his or her daughters” imagination.

26.) Sleeping dads are easy victims for their daughters

27.) The pun master.

27.) The pun master.

28.) Father really seems better here.

28.) Dad actually looks better here.

29.) Precedence.

29.) Priorities.

30.) Look at those legs.

30.) Look at those legs.

31.) That”s gotta be the earliest one in the publication.

31.) That

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