I Definitely Would Want This Couple To Babysit My Kids. They’re Hilariously Genius.

When a friend asked Erica and Hannes, an engaged couple in Zurich, Switzerland, to watch after his infant son for a full day and night, they were a little nervous. Which was understandable as they had only ever watched the baby, Alex, for a few hours at a time before. Accepting the challenge of taking care of a kid for a full 24 hours is certainly daunting.

So Erica and Hannes, both designers, decided the best way to vanquish their fears would be to embrace them — with a little help from Photoshop. They took little Alex on an adventure and sent the results as hourly updates to the dad. Can you imagine being away from your child and seeing these pop up on your phone??

1. Beam me up!

Beam me up!

2. Don”t mess with mama bear.


3. Sssstay back!

Sssstay back!

4. Raawwwr!


5. Don”t go in the water!


(via BuzzFeed.)

Sorry Babysitter”s Club, these guys totally have you beat. Here”s hoping they get into even more mischief the next time!

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