If You’ve Ever Had A Terrible Day, You’ll Know Exactly How These 20 People Feel

12. Whoops.


13. And you believed that was recommended?

And you thought that was a good idea?

14. Okay, who did it?

Ok, who did it?

15. You shouldn”t have taken that right turn at Albuquerque.

You shouldn

16. “Sad Face” Fridays.


17. Ahh. Close.

Ahh. So close.

18. It”s like a poor British humor.


19. The brake is on the LEFT side.

The brake is on the LEFT side.

20. Ride “em cowboy.


(via The Roosevelts)

Didn”t we tell you they”re all having horrible days? Thus stop your bellyaching and return to work. Someone”s got to clean up these wrecks.



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