Is It a Boy or a Girl Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian took her two sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, along with mom Kris and Bruce Jenner, to find out the sex of the latest Kardashian child. Dr. Paul Crane examined Kim with the entire family in the room, but one important person was missing. Where was Kayne? As the doctore pointed out the baby’s anatomy, but we were still leftl in the dark about as to the sex of the baby.

Rumor has it that Kim is expecting a girl, but only she and the family know at this point. And we don’t know if Kanye knows yet . But the big questions is, will this baby have a “K” name. Since the name Kanye fits in the with the family of “K’s, it makes sense that that this child may be a Katie, Krissy, or Krystal. But, if Kris’s exclamation, “look at that! Look at the little ankle! Oh Kim look! Do you see a little pee pee?”, during the ultrasound was any indication of what was to come, we may be seeing a Kayne Jr. pretty soon.

Regardless, the baby shower is already planned and the invites have gone out. And as with everything Kardashian, it is over the top. Instead of the standard invite that fits into a flat envelope, the invitation is a music box that when opened, features a spinning ballerina that looks uncannily like Kim, as she dances to a Kanye’s song, “Hey Mama,” remastered into a lullaby.