It’s So Cold In Minnesota That You Can Do Something Awesome With A Pair Of Jeans

It is almost the end of January, as well as the East Coast is now receiving the winter weather it deserves, but let us remember that in the Midwest, it’s fittingly freezing outdoor right now.

How chilly, you inquire? So chilly that trousers that are frozen can stand up by themselves! Minneapolis indigenous Tom Grotting‘s neighbor was feeling the winter blues, so he took it upon himself to cheer her up by lifting frozen trousers right into a standing position by themselves. The effect is a pleasure (and sort of creepy) delusion which makes it look like undetectable guys are shivering in Minnesota wearing nothing but their blue jeans.

The neighbor of Tom intelligibly gets a bit bummed out through the tundra months of a Minnesota winter. So to cheer her up (I believe), he erected frozen jeans around his yard.

The jeans manipulated into seeming like they’d legs in and were soaked in water. That is where the freezing temperatures came into play.

“The fellas,” as Tom adorably calls them, love to take trips across the town of Minneapolis.

They have gotten so popular that folks in the area now are actually creating their own “fellas.”

I vowed never to experience a midwestern winter after I graduated from school, as soon as I moved out of Iowa. But as Tom shows, the most effective strategy to get through it’s to really have a little sense of humor in the face area of all that freeze. For much more images, check out Tom’s Instagram.