Jennifer Aniston Ditches Girl Next Door Image

aniston24f-4-webHollywood’s resident girl-next door has dumped her good girl picture for her forthcoming movie, “We’re The Millers.” For looking slammin and Aniston may only become the poster girl. In the preview for the forthcoming comedy, the 44 year old performer I said it, 44, is stripped down and in looking really good, and a blonde wig.

Playing opposite Jason Sudeikis, a smalltime drug dealer, Jennifer is a stripper who’s hired, as well as her two kids, played by William Poulter and Emma Roberts, to create a the perfect all American family. Sudeikis is using his family that is phony to help receive a shipment of marijuana for his manager.

In the blonde wig, Aniston is observed in the three-minute clip, giving a lap dance to Sudeikis. This can be a far cry from the “Rachel” we all know and adore, and miles away from another character she’s played. Her character that is racy “Lucinda” in the hit film “Derailed,” would take pride in her moves. We see considerably more skin than before, which skin is toned and tight. When she starts smacking against her buttocks and gyrating to Mickey Avalon’s “Stroke Me,” Brad Pitt may be second guessing his options.

Why hire a stripper to play with wife and a sweet mom? Who else is for hire?