Late Late Show Crushes Ridiculous Town That Wants To Ban Bike Lanes

Meet host of the Late Show, James Corden if you do understand him. Corden focuses on America’s Most Renowned NIMBYs, the white haired residents of Coronado who took to stop the inflow of safe road jobs graffitiing the roads.

“The issue of too many bike lanes ranks somewhere between, ‘my new BMW’s air conditioner operates a little too nicely,’ and ‘The Starbucks near my house does’t require $100 bills,’” Corden exclaims near the beginning of the clip.

Afterwards, after a girl compares a strategy to raise the amount of bike lanes to taking her daughters into a tattoo parlor for full body tattoos, Corden snarks, “If you happen to be going to town hall to whine about bike lanes, your children are bound to get tats.”

But he save the best for last. After a thirty second call to arms where he guarantees a ride to Coronado to paint our own bike lanes if the NIMBYs win the day, Corden channels his inner-Braveheart when he declares, “You may take our bike lanes, however you will never take our liberty…;to ride in those bike lanes.”