MONSANTO TANKING: Posts $495 million quarterly loss and plans to eliminate 2,600 jobs


Due to dropping sales of herbicides and its own biotech seeds, Monsanto has declared it’ll be cutting , setting occupations 2,600 up a strategy to reduce their 22,500-employee work force by about 12 percent over the next two years.

This can be the very first time the organization has laid off people when 900 occupations cut.

The extraordinary measures really are a result of a close half a billion dollar loss Monsanto endured in its financial 4th quarter this season. 26% have fell because the start of 2015. The layoffs and reorganization of the business is going to cost them about $850 million.

Monsanto is following a worldwide awakening of the risks of pouring toxins on its heels. The key ingredient in Monsantos Roundup herbicide, glyphosate has been prohibited by states across Asia, Europe and South America.

As a Group 2A carcinogen, the World Health Organization rescheduled glyphosate in March of 2015, declaring that cancer is likely caused by it.

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