Muhammad Hafeez will now play BPL in presence of Muhammad Amir

LAHORE (Staff Report) Pakistani batsman Muhammad Hafeez, who formerly said he refused a BPL offer to avoid disgraced bowler Muhammad Amir, on Sunday signed an agreement with Dhaka Dynamites to play Bangladesh Premier League.

Speaking to newsmen, Hafeez affirmed he will soon be leaving to play with BPL tonight.

However he added that he’ll be around to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) if any cricket series is pronounced with India.

Eaelier Hafeez was quoted in media reports saying as I don’t have any personal problems with Chittagong or Amir, its my personal view that I cant share the dressing room with somebody who hurt my countrys integrity.

On the flip side, the BPL has blown off Hafeezs statement that offer was rejected by him as a result of existence of Muhammad Amir, without stating the reason behind failure on reaching a contract with all the cricketer.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) served a show-cause notice to Muhammad Hafeez for issuing statement against Muhammad Amir.

Hafeezs statement is seemingly a breach of his fundamental contract together with the board which bars him from issuing statement without previous permission, the notice said.

23, quick bowler Amir, was jailed in a place-fixing scam in England through the 2010 Test series and banned from cricket along Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif.

Then 18, Amir, pleaded guilty to bowling no balls at prearranged times during Pakistans fourth Test against England. He served half of a six-month jail term in Britain, while team-mates captain Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif served seven and six months