One Look At These 16 Hysterical Autocorrect Fails And You’ll Never Text Again

The iPhone is an amazing technological device…when it works. There are always times where things seem to go awry with the popular smartphone, especially with autocorrect used in text messages. For some reason, autocorrect likes to change words to the worst possible word, and at the absolute worst possible time. These 16 chumps sadly sent out their message before reading it, later realizing that they made horrible mistakes that were too funny not to share with others.

1. Sure you did.

Sure you did.



3. Deflate feelings, check!

Deflate feelings, check!

4. iPhone fails…

iPhone fails...

5. C is for Cookie.

C is for Cookie.

6. Nice save.

Nice save.

7. Redneck love.

Redneck love.

8. Have you been texting about Satan a lot?

Have you been texting about Satan a lot?

9. Fries are the answer to any question.

Fries are the answer to any question.

10. Here”s a good way to test the waters.


11. Hamster”s paradise!


12. A+++++


13. We love you, Apple.

We love you, Apple.

14. Some things can”t be unseen.

Some things can

15. Revenge is a dish best served…

Revenge is a dish best served...

16. Which one?

Which one?

(via Guff)

We could blame Apple for these epic fails, but the fault really lies with the sender. They fail at both texting and the English language. I hope they stick to voice calls from now on.