Oscars Red Carpet’s fashion Fails

oscars hedi

Heidi Klum

Oh dear. Grandma’s old netted curtains spring to mind when we look at this questionable number.


oscars kate

Kate Winslet

Kate’s hair and make up looks flawless- which it was a shame for her to put on this shiny bin bag to finish of her look.


oscars amy p

Amy Poehler

This oriental pattern was just too much for our delicate eyes to take. Less is definitely more.


oscars whoopie

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoppie’s dress swamped her figure and made her look more frumpy than fabulous.


oscars mindy

Mindy Kaling

When you can see the outline of your bra, you know a dress is too tight. Sadly, the back wasn’t any better.


oscars kerry

Kerry Washington

We are unsure what she was trying to achieve with this dress. All we can think of is gladiator meets dominatrix.


oscars Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Cate usually wows us with her impeccable red carpet attire but this time she fell short. The cut of her dress is flattering but the excessive embellishments sent this dress into the ‘fails’ category.


oscars liz

Liz Hernandez

This dress wouldn’t be so bad if you hacked off those irrelevant sashes.


oscars alicia

Alicia Vikander

All we can think of when we look at this is Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. The prom style dress and puffball hem combo is not a good look.


oscars gianna

Gianna Simone

This pretty print is perfect for a short summer dress but, for a long evening gown…;it just gives us a bit of a headache.