Santa’s Adorable Elves Are Helping Him Get Ready For Christmas

This holiday season, your Christmas presents won’t be made by elves in the North Pole. It turns out they needed a much-overdue break. Instead, Freshpet worked out a little miracle. They sent a few helping “paws” to make sure all the kids, pups, and kittens around the world get presents under the tree, whether they’re toys or treats…

The result is a video straight from Santa’s workshop that’ll have you crying with laughter. Not to mention, it brings a whole lot of Christmas joy!


Want to thank Freshpet for helping Santa? For each share of this video, Freshpet will donate one fresh meal to a pet in need within their network of pet rescues and shelters. So please thank them by helping them spread the word about their elves up north and giving another pet a meal this holiday season.