Some Parents Are Just Too Serious, But These 34 People Don’t Have That Problem

Hey, mothers and dads: do you believe you”re amusing? If you”re anything like the parents in these 34 pictures, you likely have another career in comedy in the works. These pictures vary from dads learning the time honored art of selfies to mothers pranking their son”s first girlfriend. As you might learn some new tricks to keep your children on their toes they’re to not be missed.

1. Broken.


2. Strike of the Dads.

Attack of the Dads.

3. Consistently a happiness, teen daughters.

Teenage daughters, always a pleasure.

4. It is needed by him. Have you seen how dark it’s in there?!

He needs it. Have you <i>seen</i> how dark it is in there?!

5. Dialing right now…

Dialing right now...

6. Where are the other nine?

Where are the other nine?

7. I”ll simply forwards them the statement…


8. An extremely fatal dose of father.

A very lethal dose of dad.

9. Dum dum dum!

Dum dum dum!



11. The first duckface.

The original duckface.

12. Mwuah ha ha…

Mwuah ha ha...

13. Mine says “Largest.”

Mine says

14. He mustn’t understand a lot of people.

He must not know many people.

15. After all, it was the elephant in the room.

I mean, it <i>was</i> the elephant in the room.

16. Quite remarkable for someone who can”t bending at the waist.

Pretty impressive for someone who can

17. Get well soon!

Get well soon!

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