Star Crossed Lovers Are Lynched and Beheaded by Their Families

An Indian couple confronted a horrible and incredible destiny this week. 20 Nidhi Barak, and Dharmender Barak, 23, were a young couple in love. Nevertheless, their families didn”t approve of the match. They were so the couple eloped to Dehli that is nearby, but their families appeared to have a change of heart and promised they’d approve of the match.

What happened next will cause you to get sick to your belly.

The couple were enticed by their families, who continued to beat them both, then beheaded the young man and lynch the girl.

The couple were lured home by their families, who then proceeded to beat them both, lynch the woman and then beheaded the young man.

Their only offense was being in a relationship which their families didn”t approve of.

Their only crime was being in a relationship that their families didn

Authorities discovered Nidhi”s family as they were cremating her body. Dharmender”s body was whole and both happen to be sent for postmortem. The authorities are currently attempting to track down your family members in charge of the savage homicides.

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