The 10 Best Accessories from the Golden Globes

Lots of the dress took back me at Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards — in a negative and positive manner. There were many clothing that are different in 2013, to talk politely, and undoubtedly some options I ‘d’t especially stone. But hey! Who am I to judge?

One thing I was into, however, was celebs actually stepped up their game that is accessory in 2013. Watches the red carpet, to rings was all about the details.

1) J. La’s Modern Black Clutch

2) Jenna Dewan’s Black Jeweled Earrings

3) Lizzy Caplan’s Icy Trendy Clutch

4) Paula Patton’s Pop of Color

5) Emma Watson’s Retro Pearls

6) Sofia Vergara’s Statement Necklace

7) Elisabeth Moss’ Edgy Earrings

8) Naomi Watts’ Classic Gold Bracelet

9) Laura Carmichael’s Geometrical Clutch

10) Bono’s Purple Colors