The Funniest Celebrity Faux-Antique Photos

 Celebrity Faux-Antique Photos Want to see how modern celebrities would have looked back in the old west and American civil war era? We gathered up some of the funniest celebrity faux-antique photos from a great Tumblr blog, Celebrity Tintypes.

A “tintype” was a way of taking a photo back in the first half of the 1800’s. A flat piece of iron was used to capture an emulsion/painting that was formed into the image. A very tedious way of taking an image, but it was one of the precursors of today’s photographs.

Of course, these images were Photoshopped with the modern celebrities’ faces pasted over the faces of the originals, but a damn good job was done of it by a guy named Steve Dressler, who takes requests on the Tumblr for celebrities that he hasn’t antiqued yet.

We’re featuring the ones that tickled our funny bones the most. It’s just funnier to see some of these people as pioneers. Would they have survived?

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