The Only Thing That Could Make These Hysterical Fails Even Better Is…THIS

If you ever did something pretty ignorant that you experienced, you probably don”t need to call attention to it. Sadly, in the modern age of technology, individuals could be filming what you are doing at any moment, and your epic fail can live eternally online. Whether this weren”t bad enough, folks became masters of Photoshop and can cause you to appear even more ridiculous than your first fail video revealed.

For instance, these hardcore fails were enriched with explosions that are totally unneeded. Why? Why not!

The TD party.

The TD celebration.

The kickflip that is ill.

The sick kickflip.

Leap, hop small one!

Jump little one, jump!

What type of creature is that?

What kind of animal is that?

Have a pleasant trip, see you next autumn.

Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

A grenade would be caught by me !

I would catch a grenade for ya!

She”s not making the X Games.


Even professionals mess up sometimes.

Even pros mess up sometimes.

I”ll never let go, Jack.


Bees got in the crossfire.

Bees caught in the crossfire.

That is what falling off a swing really feels like.

This is what falling off a swing actually feels like.

No! Small infant!

No! Little baby!

Mad skateboarding.

Angry skateboarding.

I”m sure that distress.


Landing that is amazing.

Awesome landing.

Forget about Simba.

No more Simba.

Gymnastics is difficult.

Gymnastics is hard.

In the nick of time.

In the nick of time.

(via Imgur)

Individuals can truly improve how tough you neglect these days, eh? I”m certainly these folks felt bad enough, but adding the explosions? That”s only insult to injury. And sometimes, those are injuries that are literal.