The Walking Dead Kills Off One of Shows Stars…Or Did They?


If you watched the Walking Dead last night, you know exactly what i’m talking about. How the fuck are they gonna kill of one the shows longest lasting and most loved characters…;AGAIN!

Last night as Glen stood on top of the dumpster with his nemesis turned ally, Nicholas, he was facing insurmountable odds. They were stuck in a dead end alley after Glen asked Nicholas to lead the way to safety.

Instead of finding a way out, the are surrounded by fences with barbed wire on top and hundreds of zombies on both sides clawing at their feet. The ever positive Glen kept his head asking a fully freaked out Nicholas to look at him and calm down. Instead, Nick the quitter blows his head off as he thanks Glen. What happened next left people across the country screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO!


As Nicholas’ body falls into the eagerly awaiting mob of man eaters,he takes out Glen as well knocking both to the ground. We then watch as Glen is horrifically torn apart in slow motion. Guts, liver, heart all get torn out of his writing body as the camera fade up and the crowd of zombies feeds. So many feels. So many tear and so many questions!

Why Glen? All he wanted to do was get back to Maggie, his loving wife. Instead the shows creator kills him off?

Not so fast. During the Talking Dead(the talk show that follows immediately after to discuss the episode) they didn’t add Glen to the “In Memoriam” section. Why not? We just saw him die!

After every episode where one of the main cast members die, they eulogise them and discuss in length what we just saw. Not so last night. Theories going around are that perhaps it was nicolas that fell on top of Glen and those were his guts getting eaten like a delicious rib-eye steak. It was also discussed that maybe Glen rolls under the dumpster and finds safety?

We wont know for sure as they are rapidly approaching the mid-season holiday hiatus, but until they give us a definitive image of Glen being dead, fans should hold out hope that Glen will make a return back to the best show on television.