These 15 Brutally Honest Notes From Kids Are Hilarious.. And Threatening. Watch Your Back Around #5!

“Kids say the darndest things” is a saying for a motive. Although they might seem adorable using their miniature shoes and pig tails, every kid is no more than a small grownup that can recall if you”ve wronged them. They are able to get obstructed, get surprised… or even get even. The amusing part is, though, they’re only planning to write sloppily in crayon when they need to “send a message.” And it”s so adorable.

1. That”s cold, child.

1. That

2. Well, truthfulness might be a merit.

2. Well, honesty is probably a virtue.

3. The serious question is this: DID she fart?

3. The real question is this: DID she fart?

4. The child has a point.

4. The kid has a point.

5. Woah. Hey, man, I don”t need any trouble…

5. Woah. Hey, man, I don

6. I believe someone enjoys play.

6. I think someone likes drama.

7. If he doesn”t, he doesn”t.

7. If he doesn

8. The buckets of tears allows you to know he’s not frivolous.

8. The buckets of tears lets you know he is serious.



10. That”s not obstructing or anything.

10. That

11. His mother has a cookie issue. And he knows it.

11. His mom has a cookie problem. And he knows it.

12. Does endangering Santa set you to the naughty list?

12. Does threatening Santa put you on the naughty list?

13. Yikes, that girl really can sling “em when she’s crazy.

13. Yikes, that girl can really sling

14. I am hoping this father got the message.

14. I hope this dad got the message.

15. Never cross this child. Ever.

15. Never cross this kid. Ever.

Hey, I really like children, but I simply learned that I”m never likely to get on one”s poor side. They understand more than I believe (and won”t hesitate to poop on lawns). Source: Daily Mail If this made you laugh, share it