These 15 Unfortunate Photos Will Make You Laugh And Cringe For Hours

When you take photos at precisely the right time, you can often capture some truly amazing moments. Perfect timing means you can forever immortalize a whale emerging from the sea, or a beautiful baby making a silly face. These things can”t be duplicated.

Then there are these 15 unfortunate photos. Timing was on the side of the photographers, but not of the subjects. Just wait until you see what went wrong.

1. Is that your bottom?

Is that your bottom?

2. “Here”s Johnny!”


3. I think we lost Grandpa.

I think we lost Grandpa.

4. This dude”s a chick!

This dude

5. Yowsers.


6. Half-woman, half-beast.

Half-woman, half-beast.

7. Well, that”s unfortunate.

Well, that

8. “We put the fun in…death?”

9. “My anaconda don”t want none.”

"My anaconda don

10. You”ll see it in a second.


11. Come on, kid. Pick it up!

Come on, kid. Pick it up!

12. Looks like a rival is having some fun.

Looks like a rival is having some fun.

13. German Chancellor. Oops.

German Chancellor. Oops.

14. “Yup, everything looks fine in here.”

15. Honesty wins out.

Honesty wins out.

(via Guff)

I”ll take these 15 unfortunate photos over staged ones any day. They were accidental fails, some more honest than others, reminding us that we should all be careful when the cameras are out.