These 16 Awful Facebook Posts Will Go Down In History As The Worst Fails Ever

There are over a trillion posts on Facebook now. Including pictures out of your holiday, and a lot of engagements, status upgrades, infants, and pets. Using the volume of schlock on the social network, it”s no wonder that more than the usual handful of those are far from stellar. Some are so hilariously awful that their originators likely wish they weren”t online anymore. In the end, what goes on the Internet remains…forever.

1. I”m a meat-a-tarian…


2. I wonder how he feels about the Washington Monument.

I wonder how he feels about the Washington Monument.

3. Pinky”s got some explaining to do.


4. Yes it’s. They built it to keep out Ohio State fans.

Yes, yes it is. They built it to keep Ohio State fans out.

5. Couldn”t spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” as well as the “a.”


6. Ba…Ba… BROKEN.


7. Begin the meter.

Start the meter.

8. Too late to get a refund?

Too late for a refund?

9. Polly need…some freedom?

Polly want...some freedom?

10. It”s difficult to be poor.


11. Having seen the characters in town, this isn”t far off.

Having seen the characters in the city, this isn

12. Zombie-Jordan played with a superb last 3 years.

Zombie-Jordan played a great last three years.

13. Now, English teachers are shouting across America.

English teachers are crying across America today.

14. Will Smith is spinning in his…mansion.

Will Smith is spinning in his...mansion.

15. Everyone understands dolphins are

Everyone knows dolphins are fish.

16. Chevron wants a talkin” to.

Chevron needs a talkin

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Between reptile squirrels and zombie-kid Michael Jordan”s, America”s educational system has plenty of work to do. For the time being, these folks should give their computers to a person who really wants it and knows better than to post this