These 20 Gifs Present Your Cup Of Instant Karma For The Day.

It”s always fulfilling to see folks get what”s coming to them. It”s better still when what immediately occurs is due to of the own (dumb) activities. Take a look at these hilarious gifs for some perfect examples of comeuppance that is immediate.

That is what occurs when you attempt to throw off his groove.

This is what happens when you try to throw off his groove.

Attempting to seem trendy typically results in something in this way.

Trying to look cool usually results in something like this.

This man”s end is the greatest soccer player of the bunch.

This guy

This is exactly what occurs when you throw yourself away balance only to be a jerk.

This is what happens when you throw yourself off balance just to be a jerk.

“Oh, I”m sorry, were you attempting to get my attention?”

"Oh, I

“If you enjoy the great outdoors so much, you go outside.”

Before truly being a jerk constantly check your blind spot. (Or, perhaps simply don”t be a jerk.)

Always check your blind spot before being a jerk. (Or, maybe just don

You understand you still must pay for those, right?

You know you still have to pay for those, right?

“Oh no! I never presumed this would occur after I threw my bag at the edge of a pier!”

That ball had enough of your abuse.

That ball had enough of your abuse.

You”d think that folks would quit throwing oversize balls at each other when this looks like quite a common complication.


You know everyone in the surrounding vehicles are giggling right now.

You know everyone in the surrounding vehicles are giggling right now.

Fortunately the sign understood the best way to defend itself.

Luckily the sign knew how to defend itself.

We”re telling you: Don”t mess with signals. They”re more demanding than they look.


Reflexes are additionally your pal, although Karma helps.

Karma helps, but reflexes are also your friend.

We doubt she”ll try the water balloon-over-her-buddy”s-head prank again.

We doubt she

Karma seems in the animal kingdom.

Karma also appears in the animal kingdom.

“Oh, thanks, man! I adore these!”

Had she intended a bit more attentively, she’d have reconsidered the socks.

Had she planned a bit more carefully, she would have rethought the socks.

Let this be a lesson for you if you”re thinking of pranking someone, assaulting an innocent signal, or attempting to cheat at driving. And for the love of pups and kittens, don”t throw yoga balls at anyone; those will return at you.