These 9 Pets Are Waaaaay More Productive Than Their Human Counterparts

Occasionally, following a lengthy day on the job or school, it”s impossible to get anything done at home. (And for those who have children? Forget it.) Being productive for more compared to the mandatory 8-10 hours a day feels like torture…so most people simply dismiss it. In the end, the single thing that feels better than canceling strategies you despise is blowing off a chore you hate.

… but then who”s planning to pick up your slack? Seemingly, if you”re fortunate enough to own an animal companion, they are able to give you a hand. Step Snow White! These creature helpers are manner cooler.

1. “I”m likely to need one to come in on Sunday to complete these TPS reports. Umm, kay?”


2. “Only a chump pays to get their petroleum changed.”

3. “These dishes won”t wash themselves!”

"These dishes won

4. “This dog food ain”t gonna sell itself.”

"This dog food ain

5. “Do we should go over appropriate packing etiquette again?”

6. “I”ll put myself to sleep, no thanks to you.”


7. “I”m here for moral support.”


8. “You forgot the fabric softener. I”ll give it the proper smell.”

"You forgot the fabric softener. I

9. “I swear I saw the other shoe under here…”

(Through The Dodo)

Perhaps their dearth of opposable thumbs impede these creatures down, but they”re still dedicated to assisting you along with your chores…particularly if any of jobs include a bite and fast rest.