These Babies Were Hilariously Hairy When They Were Born

When a baby is thought of by you, you most likely imagine a small guy or gal using a good bald head, perhaps some peach fuzz. But do you realize that a few infants are born with full heads of hair? You should see these hairy infants that are ridiculously. They are so adorable…but their ‘dos may also make you envious.

No merchandise wanted.

This infant has Brooklyn hipsters beat.

His blowout is on purpose, although he might just be two months old.

This lil’ man is WORKIN’ it!

“Big hair, do not care.”

I do believe he is surprised his little bro has hair that is better !

She is quite happy with her’ !

She understands the camera adores her…

Okay, someone get this infant a broker…stat!

“I woke up such as this.”

Hair match: powerful.

“In regards to my hair, it is serious company.”

Lincoln loves feeling the wind

She slays.

“No pictures, please.”

His hair is super freaky.

I want my bed head appeared this great.

He is a natural.

Look at that pompadour.

That is one complete head of hair.

She understands you are envious of her hair…and it is ok.

(via Bored Panda)

I’m certainly there really are lots of hairless guys which might be envious of the awesome heads of hair. Actually, I am certain there are girls as well as men with thick, lovely locks which can be envious of the cuties, also!