These Miserable Men Are SO Over Shopping Right Now. The Poor Guys.

If theres s its that girls be shoppin, The Nutty Professor. Guys be shoppin also, obviously, but they appear to be a lot more unhappy about it. Who would like being driven to shop for long periods of time? An Instagram account named @hopeless_guys is focused on featuring some of the most wretched shopping companies on earth. A few of these men seem not so happy, you’d have believed they were pulled to Hell, not the mall. (I guess if you dont enjoy shopping, there isnt a difference.) Its difficult to laugh at other peoples suffering boy, do the guys in these images help it become simple. Men, remain powerful.

1. Take it easy, man. It can”t be THAT poor.

1. Take it easy, man. It can

2. Perhaps it’s. Seems like he”s seen some shit in his day.

2. Maybe it is. Looks like he

3. Yikes.

3.  Yikes.

4. Shopping is a level circle.

4. Shopping is a flat circle.

5. The lone way to get through it would be to stick together.

5. The only way to get through it is to stick together.

6. With matter or any one.

6. With any one or thing.

7. Or all you have to do is wait.

7. Or you can just wait.

8. And wait.

8. And wait.

9. And wait.

9. And wait.

10. And–ooh, ink that is sweet!

10. And--ooh, sweet ink!

11. They look like they”re trying to figure out who’d get eaten first.

11. They look like they

12. They weren”t simply drinking Kool Aid, were they?

12. They weren

13. This infant has gotten a look and he will not enjoy what he sees.

13. This baby has gotten a look at his future and he does not like what he sees.

14. *Sigh*

14. *Sigh*

15. *SIGH*

15. *SIGH*

16. “Six more minutes and then I”m gone. I don”t care if she must walk house.”

16. "Six more minutes and then I

17. You can”t tell, but he”s on his eighth serving of meatballs.

17. You can

18. “Don”t look at the bras, don”t look at the bras, don”t look at the bras, don”t look at the bras…”

18. "Don

19. “Wish we’d some bras to examine.”


20. They actually are just like us!

20. Stars, they really are just like us!

(via lifebuzz, @hopeless_guys) Cheer up, fellas. It”s not like your time on earth is limited or anything. Share this post